Travel Kettles

Perfect for camping trips, travel kettles will keep you going when you're away from home. If you can't live without a good cuppa while you're away, ensure that you take a portable kettle on your adventures.

Travel kettles are smaller and have a lower voltage than traditional kettles, making them easy to take with you on the go.

Power Types

For a traditional kettle that you can use when you're away, choose one with a wall plug. These are the easiest and most common styles and can be used wherever you have access to a plug socket. Of course, there are places where you won't have plug sockets, especially if you are camping.

If you're going to be near or with your car, you can choose a travel kettle that plugs into your cigarette lighter. These are also convenient if you're in a caravan or campervan and have access to a cigarette lighter.

Accessories and Functions

There are other features, functions and accessories that you may find useful when purchasing a travel kettle. For instance, some come with their own easy-to-carry cups so that you don't have to take ceramic mugs away with you. If you're looking to pack light, there are also some kettles that are collapsible or foldable to easily fit in your luggage.

If you're travelling and aren't sure what level of power you'll have on the other end, you can choose dual power kettles that can work on a higher or lower voltage depending on what is available to you.

Other Uses

As well as for travel, these low-capacity kettles can be used in the home. They are ideal for people who cannot hold the weight of traditional kettles, such as those who suffer from arthritis.

They're also ideal if you have a guest room as visitors can make their own hot drinks without having to visit the main kitchen.