Trikes, ATVs and quads for offroad fun

Trikes, ATVs and quads are perfect for tearing around difficult terrain and can be used for anything from recreation to work. There's a wide range of different models available, including Yamaha, Suzuki and Honda quadbikes, trikes and ATVs, as well as different engine sizes and even vehicles for restoration projects. 

Quads and ATVs - on or off road

Decide what you will be using your vehicle for before you buy to make sure you get the right make and model to suit your needs. Be aware that the rules are different if you want to use your vehicle on public roads. Firstly, quads and ATVs must be approved as roadworthy, taxed and if it's over 3 years' old it needs an MOT pass certificate. You will also need to hold a full driving license or a category B1 license and have at least third-party insurance. 

If the plan is to enjoy the adrenaline rush of going off road only on your quad or trike, then none of the above applies. You can buy your trike, quad or ATV, find yourself a nice stretch of land, obtain permission from the landowner and get going. 

Which ATV?

Youth ATVs are basically lighter, smaller versions of the adult-sized vehicle, built so that kids can enjoy the thrill of off-road riding. Entry level ATVs are the next step up and still not quite full size, which is often reflected in the price. 

Utility ATVs are designed primarily for heavy duty work, such as pulling farm machinery. These are increasingly popular with landowners. 

Sport Utility ATVs are arguably the most popular models, as they combine work and pleasure. Heavy duty enough to pull trailers etc, fast enough to get off road and have fun. Sports ATVs are the other end of the spectrum and are built purely for fun. 


Whether you are looking for two wheels at the back and one in front or vice versa, there will be a road-legal trike to suit your needs. The relevant driving licence, MOT and insurance are all requirements for trike users.