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Tripod for Fujifilm Cameras

For hands free photography with your Fujifilm camera, or for those outdoor landscape photos, a tripod for Fujifilm cameras is a vital piece of equipment. Whether made by Fujifilm or a third party, you want a piece that is lightweight for portability, stable for steady shots and easy to set up. Most tripods will take any head and most heads are universal, being compatible with the majority of cameras new and old.

Stand with stability

Kiss goodbye to camera shake and say hello to stability. Tripods are perfect for landscape shots, allowing you to survey the area and then position your camera accordingly. They negate any sense of camera shake and many will have small spirit levels to assure your camera is straight for the perfect picture.

A tripod offers the utility you need in a host of situations where precision is important. If you need to hone in on your subject, capture a fast moving object or get the correct composition, a tripod's adjustable leg height, camera inclination and stability gives you everything you need.

Many designs are easy to fold and come with their own carry case and others can be extended for greater height where required. Tripods are recommended for infrared photography as the shutter needs to be open for longer for the perfect shot and any movement may ruin the end result.

A choice of ball head, fluid head and pan and tilt mechanisms allow smooth movement of your camera body up to 360 degrees in rotation on some options, whilst the adjustable legs and leg angles with flip locks or automatic locking make sure you won't lose the perfect framing when set up.


Tripods for Fujifilm tend to be made out of aluminium , making them lightweight and durable. Modern, strong and flexible carbon fibres are also frequently used among tripods, for sturdy and stylish products.

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