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Everything You Should Know About Choosing a Gorilla Tripod

If you want to be able to capture pictures at any angle when you're out and about, Gorilla tripods offer high amounts of versatility when paired with the right camera. The three legs on these tripods are made with flexible joints that allow you to move the legs in any way you like when setting up your next shot. There are many sizes and types of affordable Gorilla grip tripods that are located on eBay, each of which comes with different features and specifications for you to consider.

Which features should be considered when selecting a Gorilla tripod?

The amount of features that Gorilla camera tripods can be outfitted with are numerous and can include the following:

  • Resistant materials: Gorilla tripods are typically made with a combination of resistant materials like plastic and aluminium, both of which are lightweight. The feet of the tripod are usually covered with rubber to keep the system from sliding around when the camera is attached.
  • Fastening rings: You'll typically find thick fastening rings located around each of the joints on the three legs of the tripod, which are designed to ensure that the tripod stays securely in place when attached to something. For instance, the rings will keep the tripod in position when wrapped around a metal pole or on a tree branch.
  • Removable cradle heads: Some Gorilla tripods are equipped with removable cradle heads that can be detached for easy storage.
  • Lock buttons: Many Gorilla camera tripods include lock buttons that can be pressed against the camera when attached in order to provide more security for the camera.
How do you choose the right Gorilla grip tripod?

When you're looking for the right Gorilla tripod, your top considerations should be the following:

  • Size of camera gear: Each specific Gorilla tripod is able to support a maximum load that usually ranges from 300-800 grams.
  • Height requirements: The legs of a Gorilla camera tripod come in a single height that can be anywhere from 6-18 inches. Different picture-taking situations can require different tripod heights.
  • Necessary Head type: The three head types that are available with Gorilla camera tripods include pan-tilt, gimbal, and ball. The ball head is the most commonly used variety and allows for additional flexibility when the tripod is in use.
Are Gorilla pods made with specific cameras in mind?

Since the majority of Gorilla tripods are relatively small in size to allow for maximum portability, they are usually designed with small action cameras, which is a type of camera that has a weight of around 75-85 grams. Gorilla tripods can come in large sizes or as mini pods that are around 7-8 inches long. Tablets and smartphones can also be used with Gorilla pods.

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