Finding Your Triumph Street Triple Motorcycle on eBay

Triumph has been manufacturing the Street Triple, which makes use of a three-cylinder engine that gives it its name, since 2007. Whether you’re a current motorcycle rider or a newer enthusiast, you have a wide range of motorcycles to choose from. Here are some considerations to help you in your search for affordable Triumph Street Triples for sale on eBay UK.

How do you select the right Triumph Street Triple motorcycle?

With a variety of motorcycles manufactured after the Street Triple's debut in 2007, there's a lot of information out there. To simplify your search, take a look at the listing and consider the:

  • Model year - Depending on the seller, eBay will have for the Triumph Street Triple for sale in model years from 2007 up to the current year. Newer models will typically have a higher price, but will also have newer features as well.
  • Trim type - Some common trims available are the Super Sport, Sports Touring, and Tourer. These will have different stylings, add-ons, and other features that vary the design of each individual bike.
  • Colour - In addition to colour choices for the paint job, you can also choose from different wheel types and other visuals that can help you find a motorcycle that matches your particular style.
  • Capacity - Engine capacities will be listed in cc’s. Higher cc’s will provide a greater amount of power than lower-cc engines.
  • Condition - You can choose between used and new models of the Triumph Street Triple R for sale. Listings may have additional information, such as number of owners, any modifications, and pictures that can help you determine the condition of that particular Triumph Street Fighter motorcycle.
What features does a Street Triple offer?

There are a few features to factor in as you look for a new or used Street Triple.

  • Customisation - Some models may have extra features added by the manufacturer or added by the previous owner as an aftermarket upgrade. Some of these include seat covers, tyre rim changes, mirror changes, and security measures.
  • Riding modes - Some newer models of the Street Triple allow you to choose between different driving modes that adapt the amount of torque and horsepower coming from the motorcycle’s engine. This can add to performance and efficiency.
What to look for when choosing a used motorcycle

When looking at a used motorcycle, you want to make sure that you’re getting a good deal. Some information to look for is the mileage of the motorcycle along with the maintenance history. You might be able to get a good deal on a preowned Street Triple for sale with a low amount of mileage, as opposed to purchasing it new, without sacrificing on features.