Trolley Tokens: No More Supermarket Stress

We've all been in that situation - you get to the supermarket, try to find a pound coin to go in the trolley slot, and come up empty-handed. These convenient items clip onto your keyring, so you'll never leave home without one. Rather than scrambling around for trolley coins, you'll always have one close to hand if you choose a trolley token from the selection for sale on eBay.

Types of trolley token

Trolley tokens generally have quite a simple design. They are the same shape and size as a pound coin, allowing you to easily put them into the coin slot on standard supermarket trolleys. However, you can choose a few personal touches.

  • Choose a simple, solid colour of trolley token for a classic choice. No matter what your favourite colour is, you're bound to find one you like.
  • Look for trolley tokens with fun designs. Images of flowers, footballs, or ice cream cones add a touch of personality to your trolley coin token.
  • Why not get a personalised trolley coin? You can find one with your own name, or a personal message that makes you smile.
  • Charity trolley tokens are a simple way of supporting a good cause. Plenty of charities offer these items to raise money and awareness.
Trolley tokens as gifts

A personalised trolley token makes a fun stocking filler at Christmas time. Look for sets that will allow you to get a matching one for all the family. For example, you could buy trolley coins with the zodiac signs of each family member, so that everyone has their own personal touch.

Can you use your trolley token in other countries?

A pound trolley token is only good in the UK. However, many European countries also use a system of coins for supermarket trolleys. If you travel to Europe frequently, then a euro trolley token can be a very useful addition to your hand luggage. This is particularly true if you want to use a luggage trolley at the airport, when you may only have banknotes, and no change yet.

How do you keep your trolley token safe?

It's very easy. Most trolley tokens have a small hole in them, allowing them to be clipped onto a metal clasp that is in turn connected to a keyring. Some trolleys will allow you to enter the token without taking it off the keyring, but if that's not the case, just unclip your token, and put it back on your keyring when you leave the supermarket.