Look Your Best with Tropic Skincare

To accentuate your looks while protecting the rights of animals, use Tropic skincare. Their vegan and cruelty-free options on eBay help you to make choices that align with your values, while enriching your skin with natural ingredients.

Is the Tropic skincare soothing cleanser suitable for sensitive skin?

Many people with sensitive skin look for options that will not aggravate their eczema or cause irritation, and the Tropic skincare cleanser is designed to remove makeup without causing any irritation, even with the most sensitive types of skin.

Will the bamboo in some Tropic skincare products cause skin irritation?

Some Tropic skincare products on eBay utilise bamboo, which has a natural cleansing action, and helps to remove impurities. This ecologically-friendly ingredient is used to make reusable beauty accessories, and does not usually cause any irritation. Bamboo is used in a wide range of hypoallergenic products, including bedding. Bamboo does not require pesticides to grow, and cleansing cloths made with it are often free of this harmful toxin.

Is the deodorant cream effective?

Tropic skincare makes an antiperspirant cream which also doubles as a deodorant, keeping your underarms comfortable all day. Their effective formula is also designed to repair your skin after waxing, by using ingredients such as bisabolol. This essential oil is extracted from chamomile, and maintains the natural balance of your skin. Tropic skincare antiperspirant offers the following benefits:

  • Body odour is controlled via natural gingergrass extract.
  • It has natural antiseptic properties from gingergrass, which also gives it a relaxing effect.
  • Bentonite clay is included to help absorb sweat.
How does the nutrient boost oil brighten your complexion?

The nutrient boost oil has several ingredients which help to remove blemishes, while brightening your complexion. Green coffee diminishes the appearance of cellulite in any part of your body, while tightening facial skin. It increases the speed at which cells turnover, so you have new skin cells more frequently. Tamanu oil is included to help with hyper-pigmentation, and it works as a natural antiseptic, so it removes impurities that can affect your complexion. As an anti-inflammatory, it fights bacteria that cause the skin to become irritated, so Tropic nutrient oil can brighten your complexion even with conditions like psoriasis. Kale is used in this cosmetic because it is rich in vitamin K, which reduces dark circles under your eyes, helping you to look more refreshed in the mornings. Tropic nutrient oil tightens your skin and reduces fine lines, because of kale, so you look more energised while preventing skin damage from free radicals.

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