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Trout Fishing Flies

There are a wide and varied selection of trout fishing flies available which are sure to appeal to anglers of all abilities. Flies are an essential element required for fly-fishing resulting in a large variety of different types being available to suit a variety of situations.

Trout fishing flies are used as bait to attract fish. The majority of modern fishing flies are built to resemble the various prey of the fish that you are hoping to catch. There are many different designs available which are suitable for different conditions.

Types of fishing flies

Trout fishing flies come in a selection of different colours, each of which are used to target trout in different types of water. Depending on the depth of water and area you are fishing in different types of fly may prove more effective.

Trout flies come in a variety of sizes allowing you to use the appropriate sized fly for your fishing line .

A selection of cases is available enabling you to safely store and transport your selection of trout flies.

Trout fishing flies can be purchased individually or in sets making it easy to purchase the amount that you require. There are many sets available which will provide you with a varied mix of trout flies which all have their own unique properties and uses. Trout flies can be dressed in many ways and buying a mixed set provided a great way to try out many different styles.

Trout fishing flies are built to be strong and long lasting, able to withstand the stresses of fishing to ensure that they have a long lifespan. There are also many spare parts available so that you can repair or modify your trout fishing flies as required.

Pair a trout fly with a trout fishing rod to maximise the likelihood of landing a catch.

There are a wide selection of trout fishing flies available from many different brands, including Whiting, Umpqua and ARC.

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