Tutu Skirts for Girls 2-16 Years

Wear a Tutu Skirt Whether for Fun Occasions or Everyday Life

The tutu skirt is an article of clothing that both children and adults alike find fun to wear. There are many options and possibilities in how to pair the skirt with your outfit as well as various colours and styles of skirts to add to your wardrobe. Find many examples of cute tutu skirts on eBay.

What sizes are tutu skirts available in?

Tutu skirts for girls come in sizes of 2-16 years. eBay has a vast selection of these skirts for all age groups from 2-16 years and also for adults. In womens sizes, these skirts are categorised as regular, petite, and plus size. Because this type of skirt has an elastic waistband, sizes dont need to be as exact.

What are your options in tutu skirt colours?

Tutus come in many different colours besides pink, such as purple, green, blue, orange, red, grey, white, and even black. Some are multi-colour either as a rainbow or as several colours. On eBay, you can narrow your search down based on what colour(s) youre interested in. There are many different shades of colours available as well, giving you more variety. Examples of more specific colours you can choose from are turquoise, ivory, dark green, lilac, beige, navy blue, light purple, fruit green, hot pink, and light blue. Some tutus have designs or sequins on them, such as a pink tutu with gold stars and a white tutu with gold dots.

What occasions can you wear a tutu skirt for?

There are many occasions and ways of pairing tutus, so theyre not something thats only used a few times a year. These occasions include the following:

  • Dance classes and competitions - Tutus are commonly worn for ballet classes, recitals, and competitions. Having an assortment of tutus to wear helps keep your child feeling fashionable at her dance classes.
  • Parties - You can also let your child wear tutus for birthday parties. One with sequins, glitter, bows, or other embellishments is a great choice when its your childs self-hosted birthday party. They also work well if youre bringing your kid with you to a family-friendly holiday party.
  • School - As long as you make sure that the tutu falls in line with the dress code, you can let your child wear tutus to school. If its a short tutu, make sure they wear leggings or jeans underneath. They can also wear thin shorts underneath a tutu.
  • Casual - A tutu can be worn any day of the week as casual clothing. Types of tutus that people usually like using for casual everyday wear are mid-length to long-length tutus and those that are of a single colour.