Improve Your Reception with a TV Aerial Signal Booster

If you regularly suffer from signal loss, a fuzzy picture, or sporadic visual interference, consider buying a TV aerial signal booster. A signal booster can filter out annoying interruptions to your programming enjoyment by increasing the strength of the signal. eBay can help with a full range of TV aerial signal boosters.

Why is a TV aerial signal booster necessary?

The recommended minimum signal strength for good TV reception is 50-55dB, and it should never fall below 45dB. There are two main reasons why you need a TV aerial signal booster. The first is if you have signal losses due to resistance on the coaxial cabling because of its length or cable type. The other reason is if you have split your TV signal between more than one TV. A television in the living room and bedroom leads to a 4dB loss, even if they aren't on at the same time.

How can you choose the right TV aerial signal booster?

One of the main factors in choosing the right TV aerial signal booster is the number of TVs you have. You should be accurate when choosing between 2-8 ports. If you have unused ports on the splitter, you'll suffer from signal loss even if they aren't connected to a TV. Other important factors to narrow down your choice include:

  • The reason for poor TV reception.
  • The compatibility of the booster with analogue, digital, and/or DAB signals.
  • The location of your antenna and the ease of accessibility.
  • Your budget.
What are the most common types of aerial signal booster?

There are a wide variety of TV aerial signal boosters, all of which are available on eBay. An indoor TV aerial booster is installed near the TV. It can plug into a TV USB port, or it can be mains- or battery-operated. Also known as a loft box, a TV distribution amplifier is powered by the aerial's coaxial cabling. It can boost a poor signal by 14-18dB and can be used to provide good TV reception for 2, 4, 6, or 8 TVs. A masthead TV signal amplifier boosts the signal before coaxial cabling losses occur, and is located in a waterproof box at the base of the aerial. It requires a separate power supply unit (PSU) which provides up to 12V DC power. Some masthead boosters can also amplify the signal for multiple TVs.