Finding the Ideal TV DVD Combi for Your Entertainment Needs

TV DVD combi products offer a fuss-free route to entertainment, whether you’re looking for a basic portable unit or a more holistic home entertainment set. eBay stocks basic 24-inch TV DVD combo products for office-based needs, as well as feature-rich offerings to fit your home entertainment requirements.

Which features are best for office entertainment?

You might not need a Smart TV with built-in DVD player, replete with a massive OLED screen, for your home office. TV DVD combis are generally designed to be compact, but that doesn’t mean you need to sacrifice image quality. A desk-based unit must be chosen for close-up viewing.

  • A big-brand TV DVD combo should be sized by seating distance. A viewing angle of 30 degrees is best for small rooms.
  • Screen size should be a maximum of 1.5 times your seating distance or it will be too pixellated.
  • Wall mounting is usually not required of office entertainment, so look for a light unit with its own stand.
  • Booming audio isn’t ideal for small rooms, but smart features provide the internet access you need for those work-related video clips.
Is a TV and DVD combo adequate for large living rooms?

TVs with DVD features are usually between 32 and 40 inches, but there are full 72-inch OLED and UHD offerings ideal for living room viewing. Home entertainment systems require a few core features:

  • If you prefer Freeview viewing, look for a 4k Freeview tuner combi to support future image quality advancements.
  • Wall mounting will keep your unit safe from spillage and other accidents.
  • Combi products are harder to upgrade, so choose the best specifications you can afford.
  • USB ports and network-capable hardware will give you streaming power.
How can you avoid video noise and dithering?

Large-screen resolutions have improved, but this won’t remove other image artefacts. DVD image quality won’t necessarily match your set’s HD competencies, so you’ll need to pay attention to your accessories.

  • Only HDMI cables can transmit HD, but not all combos have these inputs.
  • Dithering is the result of compression, so look for Blu-ray functionality and the ability to stream in 1080i.
  • Replacing 4k resolutions with higher contrast ratios can help reduce image artefacts
  • A setup disc will help you to create better clarity in an HDTV unit.