Motorcycle Boots UK Size 7

A pair of high quality motorcycle boots is an essential piece of a motorcyclist’s uniform. They protect you from the weather, stop you from slipping and should you crash or fall from your bike, they will help to prevent serious injury.

Whether you’re looking for your new size 7 motorcycle boots to include oil resistant soles, adjustable ankles, or Hi-Vis panelling; there are thousands of women’s, men’s and unisex styles to choose from.

Motorcycle boots are built for purpose and the styles vary depending on the activity they have been designed for.

Style and substance

If you consider yourself to be more of an urban motorcyclist who uses their motorcycle to navigate the city, it’s likely you’ll want a pair of motorcycle boots that protect your feet from danger, yet also look stylish.

There are numerous options to choose from that have the same shock absorbency qualities of a sturdier boot but don’t compromise on style. As versatile as they are practical, you can team more fashionable styles with denim-based motorcycle trousers for a casual look or pair with tried and tested leathers. Opt for lightweight and breathable fabrics such as GORE-TEX, microfibre and Lorica.

When you’re riding long distances on the open road, looking good and blending in isn’t as much of a priority. As long as your boots are comfortable and durable you’ll have everything you need. If you’re planning long rides exposed to the elements opt for boots constructed from sturdier materials such as leather and Hipora.

Armour protection

Whatever boots take your fancy, look out for pairs that have CE approved protective armour built in at the shin, ankle, heel and toes. How much armour your motorcycle boots have will depend on the style you opt for. For example, low cut boots are unlikely to include shin armour, whereas the majority of styles will feature toe protection.