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Stay Connected While on the Road with a USB Car Adapter

Mobile applications, such as Google Maps, have made travelling easy, even in foreign cities. However, you need to have your phone charged at all times. You do not want to get lost in the middle of nowhere with a dead phone. This makes a USB car adapter a necessity.

What are the USB car adapter options on eBay?

You can find nearly all types of USB car adapters on eBay, with both new and used versions of the following:

  • Single-port USB car adapter.
  • USB charger with a cable and an extra port.
  • USB dual-car adapter.
  • Triple-port USB charger adapter.
  • USB car adapter with LCD.
Are there compatibility issues?

Most USB car adapters are compatible with cigarette lighter sockets. Therefore, you can use them in most cars.

Can you find phone-specific adapters?

Yes. While eBay has an extensive collection of universal car USB adapters, it also has a significant number of device-specific options. You can find individual chargers for:

  • Different iPhone models.
  • Samsung Galaxy S.
  • HTC.
  • iPad.
Are there 5V and a 24V car USB adapters?

Yes. USB charger adapters come with different current and voltage ratings. Most have a maximum voltage rating of 12V. However, you can find some with a 24V rating and some lower than 5V. Check the specifications to know the voltage levels of the adapter.

What is the charging current of car USB adapters?

It is essential to check the charging current of the adapter to ensure it meets the specification of your device. Most USB car adapters on eBay have specified charging currents.

Are there USB type C car adapters?

Yes. There are USB type C adapters for phones, iPads, and tablets. You can opt for a hybrid adapter if you have other devices that use USB 2.0. Otherwise, you can choose any of the USB 3.0 and USB 3.1 adapters on eBay.

What is the purpose of an LCD on a USB car adapter?

USB car charger adapters that come with LCD lights are common. Besides adding lighting to your car, the intuitive interface provides critical information. It displays the voltage level of the car battery before and after starting the car. The colours change to red when the voltage falls to critical levels.

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