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Unbranded Microphones

Photographers and amateur filmmakers alike often turn to an outsourced microphone to pick up better sound quality than the integral mic. Unbranded microphones can be found right across the price spectrum. From basic clip on shot-gun type, to professional standard microphones, these items make an ideal accessory for camera or camcorder.

Items available in the unbranded microphones range

Unbranded microphones offer an inexpensive way to boost the audio quality of videos, and are compatible with many brands of cameras, camcorders , smartphones, and PCs.

A mini condenser microphone sits comfortably on the hot shoe fixture of a Nikon or Canon DSLR camera or camcorder, and has an integrated shock mount for extra stability.

Offering multi directional sound pick up and a removable wind muffler, audio during playback is greatly improved with the addition of this lightweight, robust, broadcast-quality microphone. Interface with the camera/camcorder is via a 3.5 mini pin-jack, and the noise filter function ensures minimal pick-up of unwanted background noise.

Ideal for adding improved audio quality for the GoPro Hero , a twin-headed mini microphone offers mini USB interface and protective frame to hold your camera steady whilst shooting.

The dual head design ensures complete sound capture during recording, whilst mini USB adapter provides connectivity for the microphone to the USB port of the GoPro. This item is a lightweight and comprehensive solution to both improved sound recording and camera stability during film making.

For simple yet effectively improved sound quality on smartphones, PCs, laptops, cameras, camcorders, and other devices, a clip-on microphone is a pocket-sized solution for enhanced sound pick up.

Featuring a jack adapter from 3.5mm to 6.5mm, this tiny condenser microphone comes with a foam wind muffler and allows omnidirectional use. This item comes in at the lower end of the price spectrum, and makes an ideal accessory for your phone, laptop or DSLR camera where improved sound quality on playback is essential, for example during presentations.

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