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Unbranded Mobile Phone Batteries for Nokia Phones

They dominated the early 2000s, and Nokia mobile phones are set to make resurgence. So unbranded mobile phone batteries for Nokia handsets are always handy to have.

One of the main features that make Nokia handsets so popular is the battery life, which provides up to a week of usage on one charge, in huge comparison to the smartphones of today which struggle to deliver more than one day's usage on a full charge.

While mainly due to Nokia phones having fewer features than their modern counterparts, that longevity is seen as a huge asset. The ability to change batteries over is another huge beneficial feature that certainly doesn't exist with modern handsets.

So whether your current phone battery has ceased to work and you need a replacement, or you'd just like a backup to take on holidays, to festivals, or on long car journeys, there are many unbranded phone batteries on offer for your Nokia phone.

Unofficial batteries are also known as unbranded, generic, or non-OEM products, since they're not made by the original manufacturer. These are mimics, which can vary in the power they deliver and the quality after many charges.

The major plus is that they're cheaper than branded batteries, especially newer branded versions like Lithium-Polymer which can be very expensive. Quality is a little more hit and miss, as you'll need to do a bit of research and also look at similar products to see whether they're a suitable investment. You also won't be covered by a manufacturer's warranty.

Types of Nokia batteries

There are several types of Nokia battery to choose from. At the lower end, Nickel Metal Hydride (NiMH) delivers a decent charge capacity, but needs to be run out of charge every 20 recharges to keep the capacity flowing.

Next up is Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) which is the most popular for modern mobile phones due to their power capacity, and their small and sleek size. At the top end, Lithium-Polymer (Li-Poly) are the newest, and most powerful batteries available, which suffer from no memory effect and charge up super-quickly.

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