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Utility Room & Garage
If you're lucky enough to have laundry rooms, you will want to create a sense of calm and relaxation by ensuring all your appliances are out the way so they hum in their multi-purpose private space. Or you'll want to utilise your utility room to its fullest, and you want to browse through hand tools and equipment to get your DIY juices flowing. Find everything you need for utility and garage, whether it be storage solutions, heating and air appliances, or a simple washing machine and dryer.
Don’t Wash Your Dirty Laundry in Public
And why should you when you have ideas to create a smart and convenient laundry area. It’s also a great place to store your clothes airers and clothes baskets when they’re not being used. Appliances do so much of the work for us, and with technology playing a big part in making washing machines more efficient and tumble dryers quieter, they are great options
Utilise Your Space
Your utility area may be a certain part within your kitchen or your garage or you might even have a separate room but, whatever your set-up, explore some build-in storage ideas to make your set-up as practical as possible. Check out our utility room and garage guides to get some fresh DIY ideas on how to remodel the rooms: hangers and hooks are inexpensive ways to utilise your room, whilst organizing and sorting out your laundry, as does mounting your washer and dryer creatively.
Room For More
Consider a DIY built-in wall ironing board with iron as a great space-saving addition to your room: make sure that when your laundry goes back in the wardrobe, they are clean, crisp and ready to go. to make your laundry room have plenty of space and organization. Similarly, installing a storage solution to take care of odd pegs, shoe polishes, and general house supplies, can be as easy as adding a few baskets and a couple of shelves.
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