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The Memories Keep Playing with a Video Tape Player

VHS tape players dominated the video market in the 1980s and 1990s when families made weekly runs to the video shop to see the latest films. Many people still have boxes of old VHS tapes hiding in cupboards around their homes, and you can watch those favourite films again, or maybe rediscover some old family movies, with a video tape player from eBay. On eBay, there are many pre-owned models of video tape players from which to choose.

What are some of the features of video cassette players?

The video cassette recorders on eBay are from many different brands, and features vary from model to model. However, some common features include the following:

  • Video playback - You can watch any VHS video that you have around the house.
  • Video recording - With a blank tape and the right connection, you can record whatever is playing on your television. Connect a gaming system through the A/V connection and you can record your game play.
  • Timed recording - If you have to be away when your favourite show is airing, set the timer and watch it later.
  • Auto tracking - The VCR player will automatically make sure you have the clearest picture it can provide.
  • Remote control - Control your viewing from the comfort of your sofa.
What types of video tape players and accessories are there?

There are a number of video tape players and accessories available, some of which include the following:

  • Video cassette recorders - Video cassette recorders can not only play the video tapes, but they can record them, too.
  • VCR/DVD combination players - This is a good choice if you have several forms of video media in your home.
  • VHS-C Camcorder to VHS adapter - This device allows you to play old camcorder tapes in your VCR.
  • Head Cleaners - These devices wash the video head, keeping the picture clear for viewing.
  • Tape rewinders - Rewinding video tapes is hard on the mechanical parts of a VCR. This device is dedicated to that task, preserving the life of your VCR.
  • Blank VHS tapes - These are the tapes you can record on.
  • Spare parts and video heads - These consist of replacement parts for your video tape player.
What brands are available?

The popularity of video tape players led many companies to produce them. On eBay, you can find brands such as the following:

  • Alba
  • Bush
  • Baird
  • Durabrand
  • Matsui
  • Pacific
  • Tevion
  • Toshiba
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