Learn More About VW Golf Car Full Body Styling Kits

Simple and compact, the VW Golf is a convenient city car. When you want yours to stand out from the crowd, an affordable full body styling kit is one way to do it. These kits include parts that modify the exterior of the car, giving it a new look. Find new and used full body styling kits for your VW on eBay.

Available parts in a new or pre-owned body kit for the VW Golf

Each body kit is different, depending on the generation and model of your VW Golf. A VW Golf 5 body kit might contain different parts than a 2000 VW Golf body kit. No matter what the model, some available parts are:

  • Side skirts: These pieces fasten to the bottom of the side door panels on your Golf. They reduce the air that flows under the car, which helps boost the downward force and increase traction.
  • Splitter: A splitter connects to the front bumper; it “splits” the air that hits the car, which cuts back on the lift and increases traction.
  • Fender flares: These are contoured parts that fasten to the wheel wells of your Golf. They give your car a bolder look, and they can hide rust.
How can you choose the right VW Golf styling kit on eBay?

As you’re looking at different body kits, use the following steps to help find the right fit for your car:

  • Select a generation: Choose kits that are designed to fit your generation of the VW Golf. These are designated by “MK”; an MK4 Golf body kit is made to fit the fourth generation, while an MK5 Golf body kit is designed for the fifth generation.
  • Choose a model: Select parts that match the model of your car. You might see it labelled “R line” or “GTI”, as in the MK4 Golf R line body kit or the Golf 5 GTI body kit. Alternatively, you might see a wide body kit GTI option.
  • Pick included parts: Choose kits that include the parts you need for your Golf modification.
  • Select a finish: Choose a kit that comes in the finish you want. In some cases, you can buy kits with unfinished pieces; this enables you to have the components painted with a custom colour.
Brands that make VW Golf full body styling kits

Some brands that make full body styling kits for the Golf are:

  • PG Tuning: This Poland-based company makes body kits and accessories that are engineered to tune the exterior of the Golf.
  • Maxton Design: This UK-based brand manufactures body kits that are focused on both style and performance.
  • Meduza: Meduza designs body kits with an eye toward the aerodynamic performance of your Golf. Many of their kits are focused on fibreglass parts.