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Add Some Oomph To Your Car With a VW Golf Turbocharger

If your current turbocharger is broken, or you are simply looking to upgrade it to a newer model, you can find a new or used VW Golf turbo for sale on eBay at an affordable price. eBay has a wide range of turbochargers that are suitable for use in many VW Golf models, so browse the range to find the right one for your needs.

What functionality does a turbocharger offer?

The turbocharger in a car is used to compress the intake air, and effectively force more air into the engine to create a higher power output. Turbochargers use exhaust gas from the combustion process to run and they allow engine manufacturers to obtain more power from smaller engines.

How to find a perfect VW Golf turbo for your vehicle

The VW Golf is one of VW's most popular models and it has been in production since 1974. Each generation of the VW Golf is equipped with a different engine and a different turbocharger, which can make finding the right one for your car tricky. Look out for the following to get the right turbo for your car:

  • Model code: Each VW Golf has a specific model code and you can use this code to narrow your search down. The code can be found on the vehicle identification plate of your car.
  • Engine variant: If you know the engine model number for your car, you can find the right parts relatively easy.
  • Old parts: Old parts are a great source of information, and you can often find the details you need from your old VW Golf turbo.
Additional parts for the turbocharger

In addition to complete turbochargers, eBay also lists separate turbo spares. You can find items such as wastegates, turbo oil pipes, and steel braided pipes for sale. If you are in need of a small part, it might be easier to replace just what you need instead of purchasing an entire new turbo kit.

How important is matching the turbo in your car to a replacement model?

Very. It is highly recommended that you replace the turbo in your vehicle with a similar one since this will avoid any potential damage to your vehicle's engine. Using the right turbo for your vehicle will prolong the life of the engine and allow you to drive care-free for many miles.