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VW Polo Complete Exhaust Systems for Sale on eBay

Exhaust systems, emission control parts, and auto parts are all areas of eBay under which VW Polo complete exhaust systems might be found. The car parts you need depend on whether you are looking for single items or the whole system to get your VW Polo back into good running order.

The function of the exhaust system

The simple function of an exhaust system is to vent water, heat and gases from the area around the engine. The combustion engine process results in the release of dangerous gases: Carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, oxides of nitrogen, and more. If left around the engine, these interfere with the combustion process, and they would also heat up to dangerous levels. Furthermore, they would leak through into the cab of the car, poisoning the driver.

What happens if an exhaust system breaks?

You tend to know about it when your exhaust system goes wrong. It can be quite smelly, produce visible exhaust, and it can be very noisy. The latter is because the exhaust system works to muffle the noise created by the engine. The dangerous effect is when carbon monoxide poisoning causes the driver to fall asleep without ever realising that there is a problem.

Should you repair or replace your exhaust system?

If your exhaust system is damaged, it is best to repair or replace it, making your decision based on the cost of repairs versus replacement. If you do decide to replace the system, why not make some improvements?

Performance exhaust systems are so called because they actually improve the efficiency with which the car runs, making it a little sportier. They work through the performance headers that are installed where the exhaust vents from the engine into the exhaust. These work to reduce resistance, so the exhaust flows smoothly away from the engine.

You can also take this opportunity to make your vehicle look sporty. The addition of a split rear exit tail pipe or chromed stainless steel single rear exit tail pipe add a small but noticeable touch of glamour to any vehicle.

The layout of an exhaust system

Exhaust systems are distinctive: Long, bent pipes with various attachments, snaking underneath the chassis. This is how it works:

  • Flange: This allows gas to move from the engine into the exhaust.
  • Pipe: The connecting exhaust pipes have oxygen sensors mounted in them.
  • Catalytic converter: Harmful emissions are soaked up and transformed into harmless substances.
  • Pipe: A connection pipe with a fitting to attach it to the car.
  • Muffler: An array of noise-suppressing tubes and pipes.
  • Pipe: Another fitting to hold the system firmly.
  • Pipe: A final fitting clamp.
  • Tail pipe: Where the gases exit.