Van Loading Ramps

Pack Goods Safely with a Van Loading Ramp

To pack goods easily in all types of weather, use a van loading ramp. Options on eBay increase the safety of your staff while preventing your goods from being damaged during harsh weather.

Can a van loading ramp be folded?

Yes. Many van loading ramps on eBay are designed to be folded, making it easy for you to quickly unpack goods at various locations. These are sometimes made of lightweight but sturdy materials such as aluminium, so you or your staff will not feel physical strain while using them several times daily.

How quickly can loading ramps be disassembled?

A van loading ramp that is welded can be disassembled in around two minutes and can be put back together in around the same time. These have a high load capacity, ensuring that you can carry all types of goods.

Can welded van ramps be operated safely?

Yes. Welded van ramps made of tough steel are ideal for heavy-duty work and are a good alternative to aluminium ramps. These ramps often feature I-beams, allowing them to support the weight of heavy cargo daily while preventing breaks that could put you at risk. Welded loading ramps frequently have several features which increase traction, reducing the possibility that an item will slide back on you while a van is being loaded. Serrated grate decks often fulfil this function, and should always be considered while you are selecting loading ramps that will be used in icy conditions. Grate decks also help to reduce your maintenance costs by keeping dirt, leaves, and other debris from building up. You benefit from the following as well with some designs on eBay:

  • Safety chains that allow you to safely connect your van loading ramp to a trailer.
  • Versatile storage options, inherent in their design, which allow you to utilise space more effectively at your warehouse or while you travel.
  • Several van loading ramps feature a crank system of some kind, which makes it easy to adjust them to your ideal height for loading, avoiding muscle strain and back injuries.
Can you buy a van ramp on eBay with a loading capacity of 1000 kilogrammes?

Yes. eBay has a wide range of van ramps, with different loading capacities, and you can easily find one that is ideal for loading up to 1500 kilogrammes. These all have different designs, with some utilising mesh for even weight distribution, and to make them aesthetically pleasing. If you carry smaller goods, choose a ramp from eBay with a loading capacity of 300 kilogrammes.