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Bearing pullers for every workshop

A must-have for any professional garage or DIY enthusiast, a bearing puller lets you remove bearing bushes and seals with ease. Without these handy tools, the task of removing a bearing is nearly impossible. Explore the available vehicle hand tools here on eBay to find your ideal puller. 

Sealey bearing pullers

A set of Sealey bearing pullers is the perfect solution for your workshop. Coming in a carry case for easy storage and transportation, this eight-piece hydraulic set features a cast puller yoke, a 10-tonne hydraulic ram that's interchangeable with other units and a bearing separator all housed in an orange steel case. 

Or go for a Sealey vanadium drop bearing puller. Using a leg bar puller, this heavy duty tool is perfect for removing gears, pulleys and bearings. The robust chrome vanadium steel design is highly robust and long-lasting whilst the zinc-plated finish resists any corrosion. A clever thrust remover stops potential shaft damage. 

Go for a 12 piece Sealey bearing and gear puller set for the ultimate set for any workshop. This double and triple puller set features reversible legs so you can pull any bearing whilst the thrust mechanism prevents shaft damage when removing bearings. The carbon steel fabrication with a drop forged heat finish adds extra durability and power when in use. 

Draper bearing pullers

Choose a Draper bearing puller, designed for use with larger bearings, if your smaller kit isn't cutting it. These larger pullers lock onto the bearing brace to remove parts that a smaller bearing puller is unable to. 

The rugged steel design offers added strength and robustness whilst the chemical finish prevents corrosion, making it perfect for long-term use. This puller set contains one puller yoke, two leg extensions and six different threaded adaptors for the puller so you can remove even the largest bearings. 

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