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Everything You Need to Know About Buying Vehicle Dent Repair Tools and Kits

You parked your car outside, and an errant buggy, car door, or hailstone caused a dent. You could choose a big dent removal kit or an inexpensive tool to pull dents out of car body panels and restore the aesthetics of your vehicle. On eBay, you can choose from many brands, types, and features of inexpensive dent puller kits and tools.

Some features of an affordable dent removal kit

The features of an inexpensive dent puller include:

  • Ergonomic design: A small dent puller can be held in one hand for extended periods of time.
  • Individually sealed: Dent removal kits with paint feature individually sealed tubes so that you can repair dents at different times.
  • With handles: Handles facilitate the manual dent pulling process with magnetic tools.
  • With case: This keeps the tool protected and keeps items in a kit all together.
Items included in an affordable dent puller kit

A complete dent puller kit includes a primary tool for releasing a small to medium-size dent in the metal of a car. It may also include brushes or sanding tools for smoothing the area. Some of the new and used dent puller kits include paint and sealer for restoring the colour and shine to the finish of the car.

Types of dent removal kits

The types of car dent puller kits and tools include:

  • SMART: This is an acronym referring to small to medium area repair techniques on the metal of a car.
  • Paintless: No paint is needed over the area that has a dent repaired.
  • Powered: The powered dent pullers use electricity or a battery to repair the dent.
  • Manual: These car dent repair tools use the force of your hand. They include mallets, scrapers, and magnets.
How do you choose the right dent removal tools?

When you're looking for a kit or device to remove dents from cars, consider its:

  • Brand: Some of the options include 3M, Fit Tools, Pro Air, and Snap-on. There are also unbranded dent puller tools and kits available.
  • Style: Choose a single dent puller tool or an entire repair kit with or without paint.
  • Condition: Choose a new or pre-owned dent puller.
  • Accessories: Some of the powered dent removal kits include accessories such as different sizes of brushes.
  • Colour: For the car dent puller sets that include paint, choose a paint colour that matches your car.
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