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Velbon Camera Tripod Heads

Velbon camera tripods are a very popular option for photographers of all skill levels. They produce a variety of Velbon camera tripod heads to suit many different tastes and requirements. They can be split into three main categories including pan or tilt heads, ball heads and pistol grip heads.

Pan or tilt heads

These types of Velbon camera tripod heads usually have levers for fine control of the camera , which are ideal for making minute adjustments to get a better shot. More difficult to use than other types such as a ball head, it is also more accurate.

Ball heads

Velbon tripod ball heads are designed for activities like panning and rotation, as well as changing camera angles from portrait to landscape. Although ball heads are easy to use and they offer a lot of freedom, it can be very difficult to make tiny adjustments for more accurate shots.

Pistol grip heads

A pistol grip head is a camera tripod head with a grip like a pistol or a hosepipe head. Like ball heads, they are very easy to use but they are not very portable compared to other types of tripod heads. This means that they are suitable for beginners, but more advanced users may find them too inaccurate to use.

Other types of tripod heads

There are, of course, many other types of camera tripod heads available such as fluid heads for video use or gimbal heads for larger, longer lenses. Velbon produce quick release plates that you can install yourself to ensure maximum mobility to be forever pursuing that one great picture. The ability to quickly and easily attach and detach the camera from the tripod head makes this possible.

Although these are fitted to an exact camera type, you can purchase more than one and use them interchangeably if you have more than one camera.

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