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Velbon Pan or Tilt Head Tripods and Monopods

Velbon produce a large range of tripods and monopods with numerous different heads that are available for a variety of situations and uses. If you are looking to get into photography or you are a serious photographer, then Velbon pan or tilt head tripods and monopods are ideal.

Tripod vs. monopod

There are a number of differences between a camera tripod and a monopod. Monopods are, of course, one-legged and are good for supporting the camera during a shot. They are ideal for short exposure photography. Easy to move and carry, they can operate in tight spaces and are inexpensive as well.

Tripods, the traditional three-legged variety, not only support but also stabilise your camera . They can be used without outside support, as they are freestanding and are suitable for long exposures. This is traded off in usefulness by being far less portable than monopods due to their weight and size. Tight spaces can be an issue and you'll want to avoid damage in tight fits due to them being relatively expensive.

Choosing a tripod or monopod

When choosing a tripod or monopod, look at why you will be using it. If you need it to be portable enough to move around with you, you may want to aim for a lightweight option rather than a heavier, sturdier one.

However, don't just pick the lightest possible model. Your monopod or tripod needs to be able to handle the weight of your camera, which can be quite significant in larger models.

Pan or tilt heads

Pan or tilt heads are the best option for photographers of most skill brackets, but primarily for those who do not have a 'specialty' yet. This includes beginners and professionals alike. They provide a high level of accurate control whilst still remaining both easy to use and relatively inexpensive to purchase. This is why they are incredibly popular for both monopod and tripod heads , as they can often be used one-handed to make accurate adjustments.

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