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Velvet Beds & Mattresses

Upgrade Your Bedroom With a Velvet Bed

Whether you just moved into your flat or are looking to renovate your home, a velvet bed is an excellent addition to any bedroom. Velvet beds add a sense of luxury and opulence, which is precisely what most look for in a bed set. On eBay, there are a plethora of velvet beds to choose from, so its critical that you are aware of the features before selecting one that is right for your space.

What sizes are velvet beds available in?
  • Single: A single-sized bed is ideal for a child, teenager, or one adult. Single velvet beds are common in small flats and studios.
  • Double: A double-sized bed is perfect for a couple as it is the same length as a single; however, it is double the width so that two people can lay on the bed.
  • King: A king-sized bed is an excellent choice for a couple who prefers extra space to move around at night. This size is stunning in large bedrooms.
  • Super King: A super king-sized bed is great for couples with children or pets who like to climb into bed during the middle of the night. It provides enough space for two people to lay comfortably along with pets or children.
What colours do velvet beds come in?
  • Chocolate: Many individuals adore chocolate velvet beds as it is a rich brown that can be used as an accent to many other neutral colours.
  • Cream: Cream is a soft shade that complements any bedroom decor.
  • Truffle: Truffle is a deep grey. This shade is ideal for individuals who enjoy dark shades of black and grey.
  • Denim Blue: Denim blue is a vibrant true-blue shade. It really stands out in light-coloured bedrooms.
  • Mulberry: Mulberry is a rich combination of red and mahogany. This shade is both contemporary and traditional and adds a touch of elegance to the bedroom.
What are some features of velvet beds?
  • Plush headboard: The plush headboard is comfortable to rest on when sitting up in bed. This piece serves both a functional and decorative purpose.
  • Sparkles: The headboard features sparkles within the design which adds to the level of opulence. The sparkles create a royal aesthetic that anyone can appreciate on a velvet bed.
  • Chesterfield design: The Chesterfield design at the end of the frame ensures that the mattress stays perfectly on the frame. The design is similar to Chesterfield chairs which allows you to create an elegant living space.

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