Save Money and Simply Replace Your Vertical Blind Weights

If your blinds are looking dishevelled or acting unruly whenever a breeze passes by the window, replacing a few spare parts could freshen their appearance without breaking the bank. On eBay, you’ll find a wide selection of replacement weights for vertical blinds and other functional parts that fit a range of sizes and styles. You’ll be surprised how big an improvement some new vertical blind weights can have on tired old window shades.

Can you get vertical blinds without chains?

Yes. Traditionally, vertical blinds have had a weight in the bottom of each slat, with a stabilising chain clipped on each side to help prevent movement, but those chains are often the most vulnerable part of the bind. They can easily get tangled up in furniture legs, in the hands of children or in the paws of adorable pets. Now, you have the option of a modern vertical blind with a fully stitched bottom pocket and heavier weight that provides stability without the use of a chain. Using these pet-friendly chainless weights can prolong the expected life of your blinds since the chain is often the part of the blind that leads to the damage. As long as you’ve got the weights in place, chainless vertical blinds won’t curl up or blow out of order.

Things to know before you buy

Blind weights and other accessories come in different sizes, weights, and materials, and it’s important that you find parts to fit your exact needs. Here are some things to consider:

  • Material: Vertical blinds come with vinyl, wood, or fabric panels. Try to find a material that matches your own, so the repair won’t be noticeable.
  • Size: Slats on vertical blinds come in different sizes. Measure the width of your slats before you buy.
  • Colour: Purchasing white vertical blind weights and chains will only look good if you have white blinds. If your blinds are a darker colour, look for darker replacement parts.
What size of window blind weights do you need?

Weights for vertical blinds come in three common widths, to match the width of the slats. Here are the three most common widths:

  • 89 mm.
  • 100 mm.
  • 127 mm.
Other basic repairs

Aside from plastic weights for vertical blinds, on eBay you can find parts to repair the vane hole, where the slat attaches to the upper mechanism. You can also find replacement valance clips, a replacement wand, and parts to repair the tilt mechanism.