Vertical Blinds

Let in or Block Out the Light with Ease Using Vertical Blind Slats

Window blinds come in all different shapes and sizes, and each one has its own ideal uses based on functionality, convenience, and style. Although theyre typically overlooked, vertical blind slats are a strong contender when it comes to which type of blinds work most efficiently at covering a window. With a number of variations in style and a simple functionality that even children can understand, these blinds are a fantastic choice for your home, office, or anywhere else you might need their services.

What types of materials are vertical blind slats made from?

You can find cheap vertical blind slats in a number of different materials on eBay. Plastic is one of the most common as it is easy to manufacture, it is lightweight, and it can take a variety of shapes and colours depending upon your needs. Fabric slats, typically with a plastic or similar backing, are also available and mimic the look and feel of more traditional curtains or blinds while keeping the convenience of the slat blind style.

What colours and patterns do vertical blind slats come in?

Just like any other kind of blind, vertical slats have a number of different colours and texturing patterns. While white is the colour most associated with this style of blind, there are a multitude of other options ranging from reds to blues to browns and more. As far as style is concerned, most blinds tend to stick to the uniform dimensions of being a few centimetres across and around a metre or two tall although these blinds can vary in terms of being either smooth or slightly bumpy in texture. For convenience and to improve functionality, most blind slats are designed with a slight curvature to facilitate stacking when pulled together.

What sort of functions do vertical blind slats serve?

There are a number of uses for vertical slat-style blinds that are not shared by more traditional curtains. Some of their functionality includes:

  • Blocking out light: The fact that many blind slats are made of plastic or thicker fabric means that they can block more light than other styles of blinds.
  • Ease of use: Blind slats are notoriously simple to use, being moved back and forth along a track with a simple chain and roller that can open and close them without much trouble.
  • Durability: Given their thickness, vertical blind slats tend not to wear out for quite some time, making them a good investment for your home.