Victoria Threepence Coins 1837-1901

Coins can tell a story of a time in history and Victoria threepence coins, produced between 1837 and 1901, are a valuable addition to any collection. With so many on the market, it is easy to find that elusive coin to complete your collection.

A coin collector, also known as a numismatist, can choose to collect coins for many reasons –they might have an interest in particular commemorative coins, or in royalty and history; they can collect for the value a particular coin could have in the future; or for the thrill of finding a particularly rare example.

These small silver coins were made for normal circulation while some, known as Maundy money, were especially minted for the Queen to hand out in the Maundy service at Easter. Threepence coins produced between 1887 and 1893 have depictions of Queen Victoria when she was young and are known as ‘young head' coins. ‘Jubilee head' coins were minted between 1887 and 1893, and those featuring her as an older woman are dated between 1893 and 1901.

If you are looking to fill a gap in your collection you could choose from a selection dated between 1873 and 1901 which vary in condition, and some older ones which have nicks and holes can be bought for a lower price. The varying factors of a coin will change its monetary value and the rarity of the coin. If a coin is particularly old and still in near mint condition you can expect this to be a more valuable coin than most.

The collector who is on the lookout for something a bit special might be tempted by a Jubilee Victorian silver threepence, which is typically inscribed with the words "VICTORIA D G BRITANNIAR REGINA F D", which also stands out for its unique gem toned look.