Step Out in Style with a Victorian Bathing Costume

To create the look you desire for Victorian or Edwardian events, dress in a Victorian bathing costume. Selections on eBay are designed to help you match a Victorian or Single Action Shooter Society dress code, and you will find your perfect fit easily.

Can a Victorian bathing costume be used for swimming?

A Victorian bathing costume is usually designed to be worn outside of water, and some may not last through several laps. The vendor's description on eBay will give information on each type.

Does a 1920s bathing suit costume fit well?

Some 1920s bathing suit costumes are suitable for generously-shaped people and others suit those who are more fine-boned. You will usually find your ideal fit, and several costumes are flexible, offering room for crossing from size 14 to size 16, or size six to eight. The design of the costume makes a difference to how well it will fit since some have elements, such as sleeves or stockings, which will fit tightly on some individuals.

Do parasols come with all 1900s bathing suits?

The outfit you select may come with a parasol, and this is often made using silk or a material that is lightweight. Some have very sturdy handles made of wood and can be used as a decorating accessory after your party is over. Some parasols are quite lightweight and will blow away with a slight breeze, while others are made of sturdy materials and will last a while. The vendor's description will explicitly state whether it has accessories, such as hats, socks, or parasols included. Do not assume from the picture that all accessories are included, or are made of the type of material you expect. For example, socks sometimes feel more like stockings, to match the look and feel of the time. Keep the following in mind when selecting a Victorian bathing costume with a parasol:

  • Your parasol will provide you with protection and shade at a beach or pool.
  • Many parasols open easily with the press of a button.
  • Several parasols on eBay feature exquisite lace details, to match the look of your costume.
Are all 1900s bathing suits made of polyester?

Modern materials are used to make vintage-style bathing costumes, and your 1900s bathing suit may be made of cotton, polyester, or a blend of modern materials. Some do not react well to warm water, so if your fancy dress party involves a pool, look for materials that are colour-fast and dry quickly, just to be safe.