Victorian Fine Jewellery

Victorian Fine Jewellery

Victorian fine jewellery is an eclectic selection of unusual, distinctive and elegant pieces that are perfect for enhancing any collection of modern jewellery.

Different types of Victorian fine jewellery

Victorian fine rings are available in a wide variety of styles and designs. Classic antique 9K and 14K gold rings are typically embellished with precious gemstones and diamonds. Cluster and half eternity rings are popular Victorian styles.

Bar brooches and brooch pins are popular classic styles of vintage Victorian fine jewellery. Elaborate and ornate pieces feature a variety of different and complementary gemstones like peridot, amethyst and pearls.

Victorian fine jewellery also includes a selection of elegant decorative necklace chains with pendants. Most styles of Victorian fine necklaces are made from 9K rose or yellow gold and feature a ornate chain with opulent pendant detail. Complementary pearls and gemstones are a favoured design option.

Antique Victorian fine jewellery that is a popular choice generally has a traditional locket design. The locket is available in a variety of sizes and decorative embellished styles. Many antique enamelled Austrian and Hungarian lockets are encrusted with colourful garnets and turquoise gemstones for maximum effect. Hallmarked solid silver English Victorian photo lockets typically have a simple and sleek design.

Victorian fine jewellery bracelets are available in selection of styles. Fancy link bracelets are usually made from 9K yellow gold and feature intricate chain detail or stylish gemstone decoration. Cluster panel bracelets are a popular vintage design that shows off elaborate gemstone arrangements.

Fine earrings are generally ornate pieces. The popular Victorian dangle and drop earrings are usually made from yellow gold and feature decorative gemstone embellishments. All of the Victorian vintage earrings are for pierced ears.

Material variations of traditional Victorian fine jewellery

Yellow gold Victorian fine jewellery is available in a selection of carats. Classic jewellery pieces are available in 9K, 14K, 15K and 18K finishes. The bright yellow gold enhances the appearance of the decorative gemstone embellishments that most items of Victorian fine jewellery typically feature.

Vintage hallmarked sterling silver Victorian fine jewellery is either engraved with decorative detail or decorated with colourful gemstones. Some antique silver pieces also feature distinctive enamelling detail. Silver is a popular choice for classic lockets, brooches and bracelets.

Rose gold Victorian fine jewellery is an elegant addition to any modern collection. The distinctive 9K gold is generally featured as a base metal for ornate rings, brooches and pendants.