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Add a Stylish Victory Motorcycle to Your Collection

Victory motorcycles were designed with inspiration from cars and as a premium option in the motorcycle sphere. Although production stopped in 2017, you can buy used Victory motorcycles for sale in the UK in good condition on eBay.

Common features of Victory motorcycles

Victory motorcycles for sale may feature V-twin engines, passenger trunks, muscle car inspired styling, mid-mounted controls, carbon fibre reinforced belts, and electronic fuel injection systems. When the brand first launched, its motorcycles became known for their unique exterior design that resembled popular vehicles of the 1930s and 1940s. Their big engines were another reason these motorcycles were a hit. If you are a collector, you may want to add this brand. You can also still ride Victory motorcycles if you are looking for a bike to use. Early models include the V92C, V92SC SportCruiser, and the V92TC Touring Cruiser. The V92C, introduced in 1997, had 1,510 cc. Some later Victory motorcycles had 1,600 cc.

Does Victory make tourer motorcycles?

Yes, the brand has several models of tourer motorcycles, such as the V92TC Touring Cruiser, Kingpin Tour, Vision Street, and Vision Tour. The V92TC Touring Cruiser has hard saddlebags, a long swingarm, and a spacious, ergonomic design. Later versions of the V92TC had revised suspensions and rubber mounted handlebars. This motorcycle also features a full height windshield. You can ride comfortably while enjoying the scenery.

The Kingpin Tour was designed to be a light-duty tourer motorcycle. It has a medium-sised windshield, clear plastic lowers, and an integrated tour trunk. Plastic lowers provide wind protection for additional comfort while touring. The Kingpin Deluxe had hard, lockable saddlebags available, so you may find some models with this feature. The Vision Street and Vision Tour are similar. For the addition of a hard trunk, choose the Vision Tour. Both models have hard saddlebags and a full fairing. If you like a low seat height in touring motorcycles, then you will love the Vision Street and Vision Tour.

Other types of Victory motorcycles

In addition to tourers, Victory manufactured cruisers and sport touring motorcycles. Cruisers are suitable for a leisurely riding experience. If you crave a high-performance ride, then opt for a sport touring motorcycle. The Vegas, one of Victory's cruisers, has a stylish low-slung design, a low seat, and linear power delivery. For a lower seat, you can choose the Vegas Low. Its seat is 25 millimetres lower than the Vegas. The Vegas Low also features repositioned handlebars and foot pegs. These cruisers have a 1,510-1,600 cc V-twin engine with electronic fuel injection. Other Victory motorcycles to choose from include the Vegas Jackpot, Cross Roads, Cross Country, Judge, Octane, and the Hammer.