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Vintage and Antique Jewellery Wholesale and Job Lots

From building collections to selling on, vintage and antique jewellery wholesale and job lots can be treasure troves for jewel lovers. If you have a passion for vintage and antique styling, you'll find that purchasing a wholesale collection or job lot gives you the variety and choice you desire.

You can rotate your personal collection, choosing a different style for each outfit, or you can acquire beautiful pieces, ready to showcase them for the benefit of others. Whatever your reasons, vintage and antique job lots are a delightful way to enjoy the beautiful style of years gone by.

What is vintage or antique jewellery?

Jewellery is deemed vintage if it hails from the past and is considered a prime example of design from that time. Vintage jewellery is particularly popular due to its precious nature and the fact that it can be considered a heirloom or keepsake, as well as an item to be worn and enjoyed in the moment.

Best loved vintages and antique periods include:

Victorian jewellery (1837-1901) is known for its elaborate and romantic designs, often using coloured gemstones. Edwardian (1901-1910) is light, elegant and graceful in design and is considered fine, with intricate detail.

Art Nouveau (1895-1910) is a naturally inspired jewellery style with soft lines and curved accents. Art Deco (1915-1935) on the other hand is a style defined by its striking geometric and shape-led designs.

What is job lot jewellery?

With a job lot purchase, you are not just getting one piece or style, you are buying a bundle of items to enjoy or to sell on. This is a popular way to purchase jewellery as it often means you save money in the long term. Sharing similar characteristics, from colours to styles, job lot jewellery purchases allow you to own a selection of treasures, rather than just one or two.

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