Merge Decoration and Fun Using Vintage Chess Sets and Pieces

Chess can be an interesting game of skill that you might enjoy playing competitively or with friends as part of a social activity. If you're looking to enhance the classic appeal of the game, you can find affordable vintage chess sets for sale on eBay. Exploring the range of styles and options you can choose for antique chess sets will help you find the kinds that speak to you.

Choosing materials for your antique chess set

An antique chessboard can come in a wide range of materials, and you can choose the components you like for vintage chess pieces as well. You can mix and match materials for the board and the pieces if you want to create a vintage chess set that has a unique look your guests can appreciate. Here are a few of the main things you can choose for your set:

  • Glass - Antique chess pieces made from glass components are usually heavy and tempered to increase their durability. You can choose from clear or somewhat opaque glass for your board or pieces.
  • Wood - Wood is a traditional material for vintage chess sets. You can find antique wooden chess pieces or boards that use different types or come in stained colors.
  • Bone - Many vintage chess sets use pieces and boards carved from bone. The bone takes on a patina as it ages.
How do you find designs for your antique chess set?

Unused and preowned antique chess sets on eBay come in various designs that might match your preferences or home decor. In most cases, the boards have the standard pattern, but you might find some models that have intricate accents along the outer edges. The vintage chess pieces are where you can look into designs that might interest you. Many of these items are carved in detail and made to resemble shapes that are similar to their real-world counterparts, such as knights, kings, queens, or bishops. You can also find special antique sets that have pieces carved around a particular theme or army.

Finding travel chess sets with vintage appeal

If you want to take your antique chess set with you wherever you go, you can search eBay for portable items that fit your needs. Travel chess sets usually have a board that you can fold to make it more portable, and the affordable vintage chess pieces that go with it can be stored inside a hollow portion that slides closed. Some of these chess sets for sale have locks for an added layer of security.