Vintage Costume Jewellery (1960s)

Vintage Costume Jewellery 1960s

Channel your inner 1960s diva with a selection of vintage costume jewellery with a 1960s vibe that never goes out of fashion. The Sixties was a style conscious decade and more women started to enjoy wearing costume jewellery as an everyday accessory.

Being more affordable than the real thing, the market for costume jewellery developed to allow women of any age to feel fashionable without having to spend a fortune.

The 60s were famous for giving women and girls more independence and fashion freedom. Jewellery trend wise, the need for accessible fashion led to an explosion in available, affordable pieces. There was a nickel shortage, so designers started to use materials like wood, Lucite and plastic to create pieces that would appeal to women looking for striking costume jewellery.

Functionality and practicality were key for women in the sixties, so plastic jewellery became very popular. The endless choice of patterns, colours and shapes meant designs became available which allowed women to accessorise all their outfits.

Vintage brooches, pins and traditional screw on earrings were still very popular and materials like false pearls and rhinestones replaced real gemstones. As the quality of these not quite so precious stones improved, so did the quality of the jewellery. Costume jewellery was often seen as the best way to accessorise a wardrobe instead of using real jewellery, which was more expensive and tended to be seen as more of a collectors item or an investment than an accessory.

When youre looking for authentic vintage 1960s pieces, bold, bright and vibrant is the way to go for that authentic 60s look. The most popular casual costume jewellery styles were necklaces that could be easily layered, lots of pretty stacked rings and a selection of bangles. Later in the decade, the fashion was for handmade jewellery and individuality, so look out for classic peace signs, flowers and psychedelic style patterns on vintage costume jewellery from the late 1960s.