Vintage Fine Jewellery (1970s)

Vintage fine jewellery from the 1970s

Add a truly retro feel to any outfit with some vintage fine jewellery from the 1970s. Keep an eye out for highly styled pieces or go for something with subtle charm for a more understated accessory. 

From necklaces brooches to bracelets and rings, youll find the perfect piece of vintage fine jewellery to take your outfit to the next level. 

Vintage fine rings

Available in a variety of metals and featuring different stones, vintage fine rings from the 1970s are available to match every type of outfit. 

Youll find models with a thick sterling silver band with an outer copper band with a labradorite gemstone to the centre, creating a stacked look. The silver band features a hammered design to create a dented style. 

Or, go for something with true striking design, like a vintage Danish sterling silver ring with a large, bold multiple-circle front side. This ring has an almost industrial feel and would work great as a statement piece. 

Introduce a touch of elegant style to your hand with a sterling silver fine ring, featuring garnet and opal stones. The opal sits to the centre of the ring with the garnets embellished around, creating a floral motif. Flower designs sit on either side of the stone setting, creating a graceful accessory. 

Vintage fine necklaces

Vintage fine necklaces from the 1970s are another way to add some retro charm to your daily outfits. 

Bronze pendant necklaces are ideal for introducing vintage style, often featuring bold designs and quirky motifs. Youll find modernist pieces that dangle freely, alongside simple necklaces with a small pendant. 

A large Celtic pendant on a silver chain is perfect for bolder looks. A large Celtic cross features a large blue topaz to the centre. Or go for a classic fine vintage pendant necklace with engraved details and an opening function.