Vintage Fishing Creels

Vintage Fishing Creels

Vintage Fishing Creels are a great classical accessory suitable for any angler, collector, or interior designer. Fishing creels are wicker baskets used to keep fish cool and fresh during long fishing trips.

For many years the fishing creel was an essential companion to any angler. They remain a useful and functioning fishing accessory. In addition they are an attractive wicker storage item that would make a great and characterful addition to your home, out house, restaurant, or bathroom.

Fishing Creels

Fishing Creels are available in a range of sizes. Traditional sized fishing creels tend to be small enough to sit on the hip and they are held by a strap over the shoulder. Fishing creels are designed to be filled with moss. The effect of water evaporating will keep the fish that you have caught in the morning fresh through the mid-day sun.

Fish are put into the creel through a small hole in the top. In this regard creels are similar to a keep net . Traditional fishing creels are held and fastened with a leather strap. Larger fishing creels designed for boats or longer fishing trips may also double as seats and come with leather padded tops.

Lobster Creels

Lobster Creels or Lobster pots are a method of catching Lobsters and crustaceans that originate from Scotland. Lobster creels and pots are an iconic site at most seaside fishing town quays. As fishing equipment they are highly effective, and as decorative items they bring character and class to a fish restaurant, bar, or bed and breakfast.

Fishing Bags

Fishing Creels are not designed for the storage of your hooks, lines, reels, and bait. If you are looking for a multi functioning fishing bag try a fishing box or canvas fishing bag. Fishing bags will typically feature multiple pockets, waterproofing, and numerous compartments.