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Vintage Guitar Parts

Guitars are mechanical objects and so their parts can wear out and need to be either repaired or replaced.

Vintage guitars in particular may be more likely to require replacement parts, due to their age.

There is a wide range of original branded guitar parts available, or there are other types of parts that may not be manufactured by the original brand, but may also fit your guitar adequately. 

Different brands of guitar that may be described as vintage include Gibson, Fender, Epiphone, Kluson and Rickenbacker.

There are also famous names for branded guitars, such as Les Paul, Stratocaster and Telecaster.

Types of Vintage Guitar Parts

  • Toggle switches – allow you to switch between different effects on your guitar
  • Volume knobs – allows you to adjust the volume of your guitar
  • Tone knobs – another method of changing the sound your guitar makes, by changing the tone
  • Vintage guitar pickups – the pickups are the element of an electric guitar that transfer the vibration of the strings through to the amplifier and allow the guitar to make a noise
  • Vintage guitar tuners – for acoustic and electric guitars, the tuners are the bit of the guitar that help you to get the strings into the right range of notes for playing properly
  • Vintage guitar necks – the neck of the guitar is where you find the frets that allow the guitar player to play different tunes
  • Vintage guitar bridges – an essential element of the guitar, holds the strings off the fretboard and body of the guitar to allow them to vibrate sufficiently to play a tune

Benefits of Vintage Guitar Parts

  • Style – if you own a vintage guitar, you’ll want to ensure the styling is kept along the original lines by buying original parts
  • Function – many types of guitar parts will help you to adjust the functionality of your guitar. For instance, you can change the tone and sound of the instrument or include a tremolo (vibrating) effect or similar
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