Vintage Diecast Farm Vehicles

Popular children's toys and collectables by many adults, model farm vehicles make for great displays and are a joyous reflection of country and farm life. Vintage diecast farm vehicles come in all shapes and sizes and many accurate representations of these farming machines can be found, all featuring fantastic details and amazing realism.

World famous brands and diecast makers

Collectors are spoilt for choice when selecting diecast farm vehicles , as they have been made by numerous top quality manufacturers. Many of these manufacturers are famous and highly respected within the modelling industry, as well as by those who collect their items.

Lots of farm vehicle types to choose from

Whichever particular type of vintage diecast vehicle you are looking for, there are lots of appealing models and designs to choose from. Popular choices include cars, combine harvesters, hay balers, lift trucks, mowers, tractors, trailers and many more.

Models based on the finest makes of farm vehicles

Depending on the type of farm vehicle required, diecast vehicles are available which are based on vehicle designs from a different selection of famous names. There are a huge range of vehicle makers on offer including Case IH, Fiat, Ford, JCB, John Deere, Land Rover, Massey Ferguson, New Holland, Volvo, amongst many others.

Diecast impressions across the years

It is not only the amount of diecast farm vehicle types and makes available that is so vast, but also the range of vehicle production years which have been recreated in scale form. Models can be found based on farm vehicles made in every decade, from the most recent to those of the first half of the 20th Century. Whichever vintage vehicles are of interest, they can be found immortalised in diecast form in a variety of scale sizes and with a host of attractive designs.