Vintage Manufacture Diecast Motorcycles & ATVs

Vintage Diecast Motorcycles and ATVs

Drivers and enthusiasts of motorcycles and ATVs (All Terrain Vehicles) will find lots of scale models of these vehicles to interest them, as will model vehicle collectors of all types. Vintage diecast motorcycles and ATVs are very collectable and there are many top quality, finely detailed models to consider.

Iconic vehicle manufacturers

There are lots of vintage diecast model motorcycles and ATVs to choose from and they are based on vehicles that have been designed and manufactured by some of the most famous names around. There is a wide selection of standard road vehicles to see, as well as a number of racing vehicle and specialist vehicle models. Whichever category of vehicle is desired, models can be found based on vehicles designed by Honda, Ducati, Suzuki, Kawasaki, Yamaha, Triumph, Lambretta and many others.

Vintage model racing vehicles

Vintage model motorcycles and ATVs are also available in the racing variety, which include speedway bikes and larger racetrack bikes. A model racing driver is sometimes included with these diecast vehicles too.

Vintage model Police motorcycles and other vehicles

There are lots of more unusual diecast models around as well. Various diecast Police motorcycles are available, which sometimes have sidecars attached and may even have a model policeman or two included. There are also military motorbikes and ATVs, including bikes with model military dispatch riders. Other items to look out for include vintage RAC and AA bike models, along with other specialist vehicles which have been used on the roads over the years.

Highly sought after model brands

Vintage motorcycle and ATV models are available made by a number of famous and collectable brands. There are often models to be found which were made by the likes of Britains, Matchbox Lesney, Dinky Toys, Mattel (Hot Wheels) , Polistil, Minichamps, Bburago and Corgi. There are vintage models by other top quality manufacturers available too.