Store Your Coins and Cash in Vintage Money Boxes

An antique money box can be a unique way to keep your coins or other valuables safe and organised to your liking. If you want to collect a variety of storage options, you can learn more about the main kinds of vintage money boxes and check out the selection on eBay to find types or styles that suit your personal tastes.

Can you get money boxes from different banks?

Yes, many old, established banks created their own versions of antique money boxes where clientele could store their vintage money and other notes. If you are interested in collecting memorabilia from a particular banking institution, it may be worthwhile to check out eBay's complete line of old money boxes to find the ones that you can add to your repertoire. You can get a Martins bank money box, or you can find boxes from Century Saver in a variety of designs and patterns. Lloyds, Midland, and Leek & Mooreland all produced inexpensive old money boxes that you will find on eBay.

Choosing materials for your money boxes

Different banks or companies created antique money boxes out of various materials. You may wish to purchase used money boxes according to the colour palette of the material and how it matches up with your decor. Here are a few of the choices you can make in this regard:

  • Brass - An old money box in brass offers you a relatively lightweight metal that should take on a unique patina with age. In addition to the standard vintage money boxes you'll find, fun shapes like bears are common for brass boxes.
  • Iron - If you're after a durable vintage money box, you can check out eBay's selection of affordable iron boxes for sale. Iron also comes in interesting shapes such as castles or large coins.
  • Plastic - Plastic gives you a lightweight box in a variety of colours or shapes.
How do the closures on old money boxes work?

Many of the old bank money boxes you will find have shapes or patterns that make them look like something else as a way to keep your vintage money and other items secure. If your old box uses a fastener, you can latch the front of the unit closed. Some of these boxes have hidden fasteners that are not visible from the outside at first glance.