Vintage Radiograms: A Step Into the Past

Radiogram record players were once a staple in the homes of people around the world, but eventually became the receiver radios that many of us are familiar with. If you're one of the many radiogram collectors, you are most likely looking for one to show off rather than play. Nonetheless, it's possible to find a radiogram for sale that will play vinyl records flawlessly.

What types of radiograms are out there?

Radiograms held up well over time, so there are many styles of radiograms for sale. You can find models that date back to the 1950s or later. Any time you want to add mid-century vibe to a room, a radiogram is a way to do that. There are different sizes, some with storage, models with built-in radios, and units with open or closed tops.

Essentials to look for in a vintage radiogram

When looking for vintage radiograms for sale in the UK, there are some things to consider:

  • Physical condition - Old radiograms for sale are going to come in different conditions. The better the condition, the more value it will gain over time.
  • Functionality - If you're looking for working radiograms for sale in the UK, it's possible to find one or You can also find one that only needs a small inexpensive repair.
  • Age - The age is a factor that can add value to a radiogram regardless of its functionality.
What are common vintage radiogram features?

When looking at old radiograms for sale, you'll notice that there are many features that stand out. The first is the turntable. Typically, it is located under a hood at the top of the unit. Sometimes, the turntables are found at the bottom of the unit, depending on the model. This setup can be found in models from the 1970s. Second, the inclusion of radio is common in later turntable models. After the period when radios were integrated into radiograms, the turntable started to disappear, and the units included more storage. Third, there are tabletop models that conserve space. When looking for an antique radiogram for sale, these are all factors to consider, especially when you're collecting, and you want variety in your collection.

Can you buy a new radiogram?

Yes. There are a few new radiograms that are currently being made. If you have a collection of records that you want to play, but your old one failed ages ago, you can buy a new one. You might be able to find a gently used antique radiogram for sale that will work like new.