Vintage Radios

Vintage Radios

From the very first crystal and vacuum tube sets of the 20s and 30s to the mass-produced affordable transistor and novelty radios of the 60s, 70s and beyond, radio has been a source of entertainment and information, music and relaxation that has drawn people together, whatever their circumstance or location. Today many of those older radios retain the same allure as they did when they were first switched on, making them not only objet dart but highly collectable, and in a few cases, highly valuable too.

Vintage Radio Brands

Popular brands of vintage radio include Hacker, Grundig, Bush, Roberts and Sony. Others include GE, RCA, Emerson, Phillips, Zenith and Philco. To find out which vintage radios carry collectible value there are many books available and it is good advice to research using these before embarking on a vintage radio collection. A Roberts RD60 injects retro charm into any room with its mid-century design and pale blue colour. The Panasonic RS-4150LJ is a great piece of technical kit and offers all the standard functionalities of a radio. A novelty GE Mickey Mouse radio is the perfect addition to any Disney fans collection.

Collecting Vintage Radios

Perhaps its to amass a collection of non-working radios for show. Or it could be a want to restore broken radios or collect working radios or a combination of all. What is truly great about collecting vintage radios is that theres such a vast number of brands and models available to buy and bid for. This simply means that there is something for every collectors budget and fancy.

Restoring vintage radios

If you have experience in electrics and electronics, vintage radio restoration can be an absorbing and relaxing pastime, perhaps profitable too as a sideline. There are plenty of used vintage radios that are perfect for using for spare parts and replacements. Ensure that the parts you go for are compatible with your radio as incorrect components may damage your radio or render it completely useless.