Everything You Should Know Before You Purchase Vintage Phones Online

Are you looking for a vintage phone to complement your decor or to give to someone who collects old telephones? In so, you will be happy to know that eBay's user-friendly website has a myriad of old vintage telephones for sale. Before you make your purchase, there are some things you should know about buying old phones online.

Which types of vintage phones can you buy on eBay?

The eBay website has an impressive selection of vintage phones in the UK for sale. Choose your vintage telephone from many styles that include candlestick phones, rotary phones, and wall telephones. The old rotary phones eBay sells include vintage phones from the 1930s to the 1980s. Some styles of phones from this time period were rendered with upgrades like a slim handset, trimphone design, or Bakelite construction. Wall phones from the 1950s include old payphones as well as standard wall-mounted models.

Which brands of old telephones does eBay have?

You will find eBay vintage phones that are made by various manufacturers and that encompass a plethora of styles. Choose an Ericsson skeleton phone or field phone, a vintage wall telephone by Bell System, or an antique candlestick telephone by UT United. Other brands of old telephones for sale on eBay include Siemens Brothers, Bell Telephone, British Telecom, Premier, GPO, and Warbler.

What to look for in a vintage telephone

Looking at pictures of old telephones that are for sale on eBay can help you to develop an initial impression about the item you are about to buy. Most of the old phones you will find on eBay are in used condition, and many of them are in working order. Phones that are sold as new are usually reproductions of the older versions.

Some old phones have been upgraded or restored to their original condition by the vendor or the manufacturer. Upgrades are often applied to make the phone compatible with newer technologies and with present-day telephone services.

As you prepare to make your final selection, there are some specific features you will probably want to consider:

  • Material: Phones are often made of metal, wood, or plastic. Brass is the most common metal that was used in the manufacture of old phones.
  • Colour: Most old vintage phones are black, brown, green, or red.
  • Style: Common styles include rotary dial, wall-mounted, and candlestick.
  • Enhancements: The terms Trimphone, Bakelite, and GPO were initially associated with specific brands or models. In time, these terms became official terminology to describe certain upgrades that are present in some older telephones.