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Vinten Camera Tripods and Supports

Vinten produce a broad range of camera equipment for television and film broadcasters. Such equipment includes dollies, robotic tracks and pedestals, as well as tripods for video camera recording equipment. In addition Vinten are a leading manufacturer of camera tripods and supports, which are suitable for digital SLR cameras .

Benefits and features of Vinten camera tripods and supports

Vinten tripods feature flexible panning and tilting actions. These capabilities allow the operator to easily and quickly move the camera in several directions, as well as coming with a flexible tilt. These options include being able to pan side to side, up and down as well as offering fine control of the degrees of camera's tilting angles. They also feature secure pan and tilt locks, which will ensure that you can keep your camera securely fixed into a set position, if desired, without worrying about the camera angle becoming displaced.

Many Vinten tripods feature the unique and innovative illuminated levelling bubble. This proprietary feature was created by Vinten as the first of the its kind in the world to be used on pan and tilt heads. This feature enables you to adjust precisely the camera's angle in accordance with any gradients the tripod is set on, as well as being illuminated so that you can set up your camera tripod just as required in low light conditions.

Vinten tripods and supports are typically manufactured from aluminium, which provides the perfect balance between weight and strength. Many Vinten tripods can supports weights of up to 10lbs, making them ideal for the typically large and heavy video recording equipment they are required to support. Yet they are also designed to make manoeuvring the camera easy, so that panning and tilting is made as easy as possible.

Some Vinten tripods, such as the Pro 5 Plus, are designed with a side loading feature. This makes it fast and convenient to easily swap out your equipment as you require. In addition, to support such heavy equipment there is carefully designed counterbalancing system to ensure the heavy weight of the camera itself doesn't cause the camera tripod to buckle and topple over.

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