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Vinten Camera Tripods

Vinten have been manufacturing camera support equipment for over one hundred years. Quality and reliability are hallmarks of the brand and Vinten camera tripods offer something for all types of shooting. So whether you're lining everyone up for a family portrait or you're shooting epic landscapes on top of a mountain, you'll be sure to find the right Vinten tripod for you.

Options to choose from

Vinten camera tripods come in several variations, with each offering ease of use and reliable performance. Quick-release tripods can be very useful. Their main benefit is that if you suddenly need to change your shooting style then you can easily take it off and use your camera in your hand. You may also prefer this type of tripod if you don't like to spend too much time fiddling with apparatus.

Vinten also offer 360 degree rotation tripods which allow you to shoot from any direction. This gives you variety as well as stability. A rotating tripod might also come in handy if you use your camera to shoot video, allowing you to pan without worrying about shaking the camera and producing unstable footage.

Handheld photography is great but it can result in some awkward angles if the camera is not level. The same is true if you're using a tripod that is not on level ground. Vinten tripods with levelling indicators show that the camera is upright and not likely to result in wonky images.

Vinten tripods in the field

When you're planning for an extreme adventure or a once in a lifetime trip, you'll want to know that your equipment is up to the job. You can find Vinten heavy duty tripods which include features such as swivel feet and a spike that can be inserted into soft ground to help you secure the tripod. Coupled with a robust design, a heavy duty tripod from Vinten guarantees you the best results.

Things to look out for

If you're going to be travelling the world with your camera and tripod in tow then ease of transportation is crucial. Look out for tripods that come with bags and protective accessories which will not only make your equipment easier to carry but will also increase its longevity.

Another aspect to consider when buying a Vinten camera tripod is construction material. You can find a range of Vinten carbon fibre tripods which offer a light but very strong product. What's more, carbon fibre is known for its corrosion resistance so you needn't worry about exposing your tripod to the elements.

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