Make Your Phone Number Memorable With a VIP Number

You no longer have to settle for a generic sim card number either for personal use or for your business. This is especially true for professionals and businesses which benefit greatly from having a VIP phone number which is easy to remember. On the eBay platform, there are multiple vendors, which makes it easy to find your preferred VIP communications phone number.

What types of numbers are on offer?

You have many options to choose from when it comes to choosing a VIP number. Some of the more popular options include:

  • Sequential numbers: Some of the most sought-after VIP numbers are those that contain number sequences. If you can get a number that features 123456789 or the reverse 987654321, then it would be virtually impossible to forget. The sequences don't have to start from 1 to 9, even a 345678 sequence in your number makes it easy to remember.
  • A repetitive pattern: This can either involve one digit, such as a number containing 4444444 or have two (e.g. 34343434) or three (e.g. 567567) numbers in a repetitive loop.
  • Memorable patterns: A number containing easily recognisable patterns such as 465666 or 203040 can also serve as a perfect VIP number.
What are the benefits of having a VIP number?

If it is your private number, then the most obvious benefit is that your friends and acquaintances can easily remember your number. You won't have to give someone your number twice. If the number is for professional use, or a business number, then your clients will have no issues recalling your contact details when they need your services. Even if their phones are off, they can borrow a phone and easily contact you. A business with a VIP number also adds a layer of professionalism from the clients' viewpoint. If you could make the effort to have a VIP number, then you must be dedicated to your craft and other aspects of your business.

How much do VIP numbers cost?

There is no fixed pricing scale; it depends on the 'attractiveness' of the phone number. There are three pricing levels:

  • Silver: These are affordable priced numbers. They are usually not that rare to find and can cost anything from 20 pounds to the lower hundreds.
  • Gold: These are rarer to find that silver numbers, they cost between several hundred pounds to the lower thousands.
  • Platinum: These are extremely rare, they cost several thousands.