Embrace an Edgy Look with Vivienne Westwood Melissa

To combine the comfort of relaxing styles with the uniqueness of edgy fabrics, wear Vivienne Westwood Melissa. Slider mules on eBay can be alternated with boots from the collection, to give you consistency in style.

Do Vivienne Westwood Melissa beach sliders have a shiny finish?

Vivienne Westwood Melissa beach sliders on eBay come in a wide array of vibrant colours, and many options have a shiny finish on the inner sole, which is balanced by matte edging. Some of the sliders, which feature large hearts and other bold graphics, may be completely shiny, ensuring that you get attention wherever you go. This is combined with a waterproof insole made of PVC, and a comfortable PVC outsole, which protects your feet from sharp pebbles.

Are Vivienne Westwood Melissa sliders lightweight?

Yes. You can travel easily to the park, a campsite, or the beach with Vivienne Westwood Melissa beach sliders from eBay since most weigh less than a kilogramme. Sliders for children weigh less than half that, so you can carry your gear without a hassle.

Do Vivienne Westwood Melissa flats feature branding?

Vivienne Westwood Melissa boots, flats, and sliders feature branding, which helps you to authenticate them. The logo may be placed in different positions on the footwear, such as on the insole. The flats also offer these benefits:

  • Some have low heels, which may be less than an inch tall, giving you a little height but making it easy to walk.
  • A small breathing hole may be included near your toes.
  • A synthetic lining helps to dry your feet.
What playful features are available on Vivienne Westwood shoes for children?

Vivienne Westwood Melissa footwear often uses decorative elements like glitter to make the shoes more attractive for kids. Shoes with shiny gold or silver buckles may be found on eBay, and little toy animals are attached to some shoes. Baby shoes feature bows which make them easy to put on and they also flatter your baby's feet.

Are Vivienne Westwood Melissa trainers and flats scented?

Vivienne Westwood Melissa trainers are made using strong PVC, and many of them, such as the Be 19, use perfumed PVC, so you will not have the factory scent that is sometimes associated with brand-new trainers. All of the flats in the Melissa line have a sweet candy fragrance, which is similar to bubble gum. The fragrance is really strong, and this may be a disadvantage to people with sensitivities, but the advantage is that your feet will always smell great.

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