All About Vogue Magazines for Women

Those who love fashion, art, and design will appreciate the renowned Vogue magazine that has been running since 1892. You can display vintage Vogue magazines to make a charming antique display or flip through recent magazines to get fashion ideas. Shop on eBay to find the right magazine to add to your collection or to give to a friend as a birthday gift.

How do you pick vintage Vogue magazines?

If you love vintage items, it is possible to buy old Vogue magazines online. Look right below the magazine title to view the date and find old Vogue magazines from a time period you enjoy. Technically, vintage Vogue magazines are anything that is more than 20 years of age, but some people consider 2000s and 90s Vogue magazines vintage. To find the time period you love, consider looking for Vogue magazines from the 20s, 50s, or other iconic time periods to see different looks and vintage ads.

Exploring the many international Vogue editions

Vogue was originally produced in the United States, but they create versions for other countries that emphasise the fashion trends, designers, models, and interests of that region. Altogether, Vogue produces 23 international editions of their magazine. Some of the highest circulating international Vogue editions include the United Kingdom version, French version, and Italian version. There are all sorts of Vogue international magazines for places throughout Europe, Asia, Latin America, and Australia.

Are used Vogue magazines cheaper than new ones?

Because there is such an interest in finding vintage Vogue magazines for sale in the UK, a magazine will not automatically be cheaper if it is used. In fact, some of the highest valued Vogue magazine collections values are for used Vogues. However, more recently published magazines may be cheap Vogue magazines because there is not much interest in an issue from a few months ago. Those who want to buy American Vogue in the UK may find it much more affordable if they select used copies.

Things to consider when shopping for Vogue magazines

Make sure you get the magazine you want by thinking about these factors.

  • Condition: Read the description to see what shape the magazine is in.
  • Number of magazines: Decide if you want to buy in bulk or separately.
  • Country of origin: Remember there are multiple versions of the same edition depending on where the magazine was made.