Step Back in Time With Volkswagen Beetle Classic Cars

Own a piece of the past when you purchase one of the vintage VW Beetles for sale in the UK. You can find these classic VW Beetles for sale at the most reasonable prices when you shop on eBay.

Some features of classic Beetles for sale

Many VW Beetles for sale in the UK come as the standard body type: two-door and hatchback. However, you will find some modified models that were made for racing or cruising, like the Hot Rod and Beach Buggy. Some even have sunroofs and ragtop convertibles. Most have very low mileage and almost all are MOT exempt. They are available in a variety of colours and some are even ready to be repainted. When searching for a classic VW Beetle for sale, you also have the option of choosing a custom colour.

Models of VW Beetles that are available

There is a large selection of preowned models from which to choose which is a benefit for die-hard Beetle enthusiasts. A few of the different classic Beetles for sale include:

  • 1972 Volkswagen Beetle Marathon Edition
  • 1959 Volkswagen Beetle Semaphore
  • 1977 Volkswagen Beetle Karmann Cabriolet
  • 1967 Volkswagen Beetle Callook
  • 1977 Volkswagen Beetle Silver Jubilee

Is maintenance information available on these classic VW Beetles?

Some listings do include information on maintenance and care over the years. Many of the used vehicles have been completely restored, while others have simply had older parts replaced with new ones. There are also some vintage VW Beetles for sale that can be used for salvage or spare replacement parts.

Are these classic VW Beetles right-hand drive?

The majority of the vehicles are right-hand drive originals. However, some have been imported from the US or Mexico and are still left-hand drive. There are still others that have been converted from left-hand drive to right-hand drive for your convenience.

Choosing the right classic VW Beetle

Choosing the right classic VW Beetle is easy if you know what body style, colour, year, and optional features you are looking for in your car. eBay offers the convenience of allowing you to compare different listings side by side so you can make the most informed decision. You may also want to consider the maintenance record, any prior damage to the vehicle, and how many miles are on it before choosing which one to purchase. No matter which VW Beetle you are looking for, you are certain to find the right one on eBay.